O.U vs JNTUH: List of Colleges

OU VS JNTU: Which One You Should Go For?

Osmania University

O.U vs JNTUH: List of Colleges

Finishing intermediate in Hyderabad and you’re already greeted with this name Osmania. It is no doubt that Osmania has been doing a great job in higher studies especially in degree colleges dealing with B.Com, B.Ed, and B.A. 

Leaving all this aside, it is overrated in Bachelors of Engineering despite having only 8 colleges affiliated with this university. 

This university is pretty famous among average students due to their new CBCS course which offers a pattern of 30 (Internals) + 10 (Externals) =  40 (Passing).

However, it is very unlikely that colleges affiliated to this university give away marks easily. Even though the university has tight and strict rules for their affiliated colleges yet some minority colleges doesn’t actually follow the rules. 

Osmania University focuses mainly on theory-based learning and doesn’t take practical seriously at least their affiliated minority colleges. Upon several surveys from students, we come to the conclusion that two of the minority affiliated colleges have poor infrastructure, careless faculties and lack of entertainment & sports.


O.U Affiliated Colleges

Our recommended colleges are:

  • CBIT
  • Vasavi
  • Matrusri
  • Methodist

Not Recommended:

  • DCET
    Poor Infrastructure & Faculty, Unavailability of Sports & Entertainment facilities
  • Neil Gogte Institute of Technology
    Limited courses in B.E, Out of City
  • ISL Engineering College
    Poor Faculty, Limited Courses in B.E

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUH)

Due to the huge number of affiliated colleges (i.e, 423 Colleges Across Telangana), JNTUH failed to maintain the reputation among the students and parents as well. JNTUH also have slightly different syllabus compared to Osmania University and JNTUH, unlike O.U, focuses on technical education.

It is popular among several thousands of students in Hyderabad. Also, the colleges giving away seats in management quota for fair prices attracts many students towards JNTUH affiliated colleges.

B. Tech is amazingly popular among students in Hyderabad. Why B. Tech? Being a technological university, it offers Bachelors in Technology. 

Their pattern followed in external exams are as follows,

Internal (14 Passing Marks) + External (28 Passing Marks) = Pass Marks

However, both degrees remains on the same side. Both have similar scopes and future ahead.

JNTUH Affiliated Colleges

Currently, for JNTUH affiliated colleges, we can’t recommend colleges to you due to the very high number of colleges.

However, we have plenty of students studying in some JNTUH affiliated colleges. You can leave us a message so, we can give feedback on the college you’re interested in if we have one of the students studying in the college you’re interested in.


It is indeed a fact that you need hard work to complete the Engineering course. It is not everyone’s cup of tea especially in India where parents often have a lack of understanding and come up with an only limited option for their children.

Overall, there is no such thing as which university is easy. Every university has its own Pros & Cons. Similarly, O.U due to their pattern which is pretty easy when it comes to getting pass marks, therefore, goes with strict corrections while on the other hand JNTUH dealing with several thousands of papers in a limited time goes correcting inefficiently.

From last year onwards, OU switched to online based corrections to enhance the efficiency of correction and decreasing of time in providing results. However, they took the same amount of time with the same efficiency this year and it was literally not expected. 

JNTUH manages to release results 2 times sooner than OU as they happen to conduct 2 supplementary exams for each semester. They manage students data by Barcodes and due to the high number of affiliated colleges, there are plenty of professors to correct the papers hence resulting in the early launch of results.

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