About K.V Educational Academy

It is not just a fact that we are one of the leading in the industry, we are proud of it and we really worked hard to become one of it and our students and teachers are the crucial part of our academy to help us reach where we are at this moment. We launched our very first tuition classes in 2012 and our teaching methods shows us a great success and demand. Since then we are improving, and yes here we are.

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

K.V Educational Academy offers you customized and personalized tutoring service right at your home. Choose from our hand picked tutors right away and give your child the best possible education they need.


200+ Online Tests

Test are meant to be important because actual tests. It helps students in gaining the confidence they need before going into the exam hall and facing the actual test. Therefore, we regularly takes tests for our students.


Real Time Discussions

Our teaching methods are unique. We admit students by taking a quick moral and important core knowledge questions to decide where they stand and help them accordingly. Students will be allowed to discuss after class of what they actually learnt.

Strong Community

We have a strong community of teachers which are handpicked and has been trained to offer the education effectively. Our students made this community even stronger and help us grow. We thank our community for helping us grow and reach here.

Expert Tutors

Tutors are the important part of teaching. Everybody can teach but the method has to be effective, therefore, we personally test our tutors to meet certain requirements. They are trained to focus on their teaching methods so that students can grasp subject easily.

Online Tutoring

K.V Educational Academy is working on opening a platform for online tutoring services as during this pandemic, many are reluctant to step out of the house. If you’re looking for online tutoring please contact.

Our Focus

Our focus mainly lies in the student’s perspective and how we can teach them uniquely so that they grasp their subjects quickly and effectively unlike the other tutoring services which just teach them however they want without the actual results. We focus on making our teaching abilities stronger over time to help students learn and become successful and even grow their foundation rock solid hard.

  • Subject Tutoring
  • College Preparation
  • Test Preparation

Let’s Learn Together! 

Learning together is the key. Together makes a wonderful team and make learning much more easier than you can ever think. Are you willing to learn together and be a part of your team? Let’s get started without wasting any further time.

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