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Hyderabad Best Home Tutors

K.V Educational Academy is one of the most successful home tutor provider and the tuitions for Inter, NEET, IIT-JEE Mains & Advanced. An Education Academy where Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry are taught for Intermediate, Degree as well as Primary classes students. It was founded in the year 2012 with around 10 students and now a huge success with over 150+ students and 7+ Faculties.


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About Us

since 2012

Although we have been in the tutoring service for over 8 years now, we have a very core experienced foundation about the subject and the creativity require to teach the students and help them gain through knowledge in the subject.  In the past 8 years, we had every kind of students we ever thought and we were able to teach them in our own unique and effective methods so it becomes more clearer for both the teachers and the students.


Our Mission

K.V Educational Academy is committed to create a unique, caring environment of both physical and human outlook, to produce well-informed, productive, and involved citizens who will be bold, cheerful, self-motivated, self-confident and inquisitive life-long learners and successful.


Our Vision

 “Quality Education for Good Future” The teaching at KV Academy has strong academic roots. It emphasizes and relies upon what is best in teaching the students and help them achieve the impossible.

Our Services

Experts In Every Subject

We have experts in every subjects, we deal with variety of languages ranging from Hindi, Telegu, English & Arabic. Coming to the core subjects, we have a good base of expert tutors teaching Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & Mathematics.

Individual Subjects

College Preperation

Improve Study Skills

Exams Preparations


Physics plays a major role in everyone’s life.  It is a natural science based on experiments, mathematical analysis and measurements.


Mathematics is one of the core subjects. It is science of structure, order and relation that evolved from counting describing shapes and measuring.


Chemistry is a study of science related to compounds composed of, ions, molecules,  and atoms.

So far, we have reach this count!

It’s all because you, guys!



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Online Tutoring

We are very glad to announce you that we will be launching our tutoring service via the online platform We all know that this pandemic has taught us pretty good lessons and we will be getting good lessons without any worrying about stepping out of the house. We will launching our first few totally online based tutoring service. 

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Learning together is the key. Together makes a wonderful team and make learning much more easier than you can ever think. Are you willing to learn together and be a part of your team? Let’s get started without wasting any further time.

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